COSS/SAC Show / Check-in…

COSS/SAC Booth for Outside Haus Day two of the California Outdoor Sports Show in Sacramento (COSS/SAC). Have met close to half the dealers that have signed up for the event. Very nice, interesting, passionate people that enjoy their businesses and are really hopeful of a stronger retail season this year. Lot’s of smiles from people traveling lots of miles to to be here. Much appreciated !

We’ve had quite a number hold and feel the Crispi Boots & Shoes. A larger number pick up and try out the Hari Mari Flip Flops, appreciative of their philanthropic urge to help families of children with cancer. I could have given away tons of the granola and trail mix from Grizzlies Granola, if I’d had product to give out. A lot of people go ‘ooh’ or ‘yumm’ when they read the label on the Organic Curry Cashew Trail Mix.

Quite a few people have tried the Achiva Chia Beans and been quite surprised with how tasty they are. Most people are completely unaware of the high levels of Omega 3’s in this product and honestly just need the opportunity to use and benefit to understand and feel the honest improvements this product offers…!

Kinetic is interesting to a lot of coffee drinkers, but so far, no orders… which is surprising given the ability to buy product for their own coffee-love, at wholesale. I’m struggling to understand why more people haven’t jumped on board with it. I was completely stoked when I saw it at Sea Otter Classic. A couple of orders would keep that enthusiasm radiating. Somebody, please help me out here (am I the only one ?).

My goal from this show is to understand their businesses, help them build their bottom lines more effectively via food & drink, health & wellness products in their stores. There are a lot of people out there in pain, in search of solutions, looking for better products… that’s our goal and our niche to fill. Help dealers help customers to have a more enjoyable time, surrounded by their passions. Better memories from better experiences and stories filled with the benefits of better goods we provide. How’s that as part of our motivation…? Keep checking back !

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