The Crispi Shoes & Boots plus Masters Ski & Trekking Poles have arrived…

45 Crispi Boxes

We just received 45 boxes of Crispi Shoes & Boots along with two cartons of Masters Ski & Trekking Poles! It’s exciting to see this much product, but a major achievement to know and understand the differences of so many great products. We expect we’ll begin visiting outdoor specialty retailers in California and Nevada within two weeks. We have a large selection of product and more is on the way, including more ladies models.

Myself, I’ve been walking around in a pair of the handmade Italian ISY Black/Grey’s for 3 weeks now, including our recent vacation in Arizona. The first day I put them on, they were on from 5 a.m. until midnight. That’s 19 hours, which in any other new shoe, I would have never endured. In the Crispi, it turned out to be the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, let alone wearing a new shoe, let alone 19 hours. So impressive !

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