Warmskin Protectant

Represented in AK, NoCal, OR, WA / ID, MT, WY / AZ, NM, 4-Corners…

Aurora Naturally has been a manufacturer of Warm Skin®, cold weather skin protectant, and other fine personal care products since 1978.

Warmskin® is a very effective cream for moisturizing and insulating the skin. Torture-tested in such diverse climates as the North and South Poles, the Grand Canyon, and Mt. Everest. It protects the skin from the effects of cold, wind, wet and dry weather. Even in summer, Warm Skin guards against the drying effects of water, sun, wind, and heat.

Used by athletes and outdoors’people like Todd Salat, full-time “Aurora Hunter, Neal Mueller, Mountaineer, Ann Bancroft, Polar Explorer, Cliff Jacobson, Outdoorsman and Alissa Vann, European Cyclist. Visit the Warmskin Facts page on their website to learn more about the product and its uses.

We use Warmskin® because we experience cool to cold and damp conditions about 60% of the year in the PacNW, yet it reduces dry skin and windburn when we’re huckin’it in the drier SW regions of our territory.

Made in rock-solid Minnesota, USA ! Question is, does it protect you from the MN State Bird (Mosquito) ?

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