‘Outside Haus’…

JD Howell, Prez.
In a former life, I spent ten years in the bicycle retail market at Orange Cycle in Orlando, FL. Simultaneously, I peddled Exceed Sports Nutritionals to independent bike dealers, running stores, and out the back of my Burley Trailer. I also sponsored regional racing events and provided product to co-riders, co-workers and teammates for the two teams I raced on.

Following that lifetime, I became involved in national sales management with three different companies related to the power quality industry and then cycling. This led to subsequent career reaches into sales of Solar Renewables, and most recently, the Electric Vehicle Project, again, in sales. Having worked closely with several independent reps during my cycling period, I developed an itch that has lasted for nearly twenty years. So, as of April, 2012 – I’m finally scratching that itch!

When my wife and I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2007, we recognized the opportunity to live in a place that supported an outdoor lifestyle. I soon realized we’d arrived in a cycling mecca, surrounded by some of the most beautiful trails and roads on earth. We felt at home. We bought a house. As such, I’ve wanted to be outside, making my living. And with that, I launched ‘Outside Haus’. My region is WA, OR and the north end of Cali down to Mendocino and out to Reno and back. I also cover the other ‘uncovered’ areas in our 13 States, until such time as we start filling in the blanks.

Chris ‘CK’ Kennedy, Affiliate.
Hailing from a Midwest background of family, education, and traditional team sports ‘including rugby’ I happily serve as an independent Rocky Mountain Sales Agent for Outside Haus. I took time during my upbringing to explore personal interests in fly fishing, hiking and camping, knowing full well, when the time arose, I would pursue an outdoor lifestyle – in full.

These seeds reached full germination as I left a ten-year career in corporate finance to pursue an exciting life in professional firefighting. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time in the outdoor industry as a professional ski patroller and Wildlands firefighter. I’ve also paddled, backpacked, camped and biked through much of my home state, here in CO, in the mountains. My region is CO, a wrap up to Cheyenne, WY, out to SLC & Provo and back around to Santa Fe, NM.

I embrace the seasonal change-outs of a mountain junkie’s gear boxes and toys, with a broad smile. Look for me pursuing spring corn, wetting a line, or getting in a lot of road miles. My combination of business background and outdoor experience make it easy for me to embrace being happy and successful ‘Outside’…

Michelle ‘SunshineGirl’ Emmons, Affiliate.
Michelle is a rep for Stone Group with Mad Rock, Vertical Girl and other climbing lines. She’s currently acting as Ambassador to Outside Haus in places where her support improves dealer relations. Her story:

Having spent 37 years primarily in the Pacific Northwest I consider myself a native of the area. Besides exploring all the best places to hike, bike, ski and paddle.

I’ve spent the last six years managing outdoor programs for Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) in OR, ID, and CA. During my tenure at REI, I helped strengthen REI’s brand relevance by developing and managing a variety of marketing campaigns, in-store promotions and community events. Now  residing almost half-time in the Bay Area, I’m embracing the opportunity to work independently as a sales affiliate for Outside Haus.

I’m personally stoked on mountain biking, and spend my volunteer time supporting trails access and stewardship. I am an active member of several area IMBA chapters and the IMBA Regional Advisory Council for the northwest region. I guide mountain bike tours and race Super D during the summer and enjoy rock climbing and skiing for a change of pace every now and again. In short, I am all about getting more folks addicted to my real home, Outside. My region is North and Central Cali.